2021-03-25 - Spanning Cloud Services across Azure and AWS

Are you interested in multi-cloud? Then this event is for you!


Spanning Cloud Services across Azure and AWS

With the evolution of cloud computing many companies are migrating their applications and services to the cloud or even build their own cloud native applications, yet they figure out limitations or better solutions in another cloud platform.

Within this session, you will learn how to get the most outta Azure and AWS by spanning your services across them with some scenarios discussing how to integrate these services.

Mohamed WaliSpeaker: Mohamed Wali is working as a Multi-Cloud Consulting Engineer. He has been working with Azure since 2013, and he designed many Azure solutions for many customers. He managed to write multiple books about Microsoft Azure and is active and commonly shares knowledge with the community via blogging, authoring books, and speaking.

Mohamed on Twitter: @_MWaly

Practical details

Event has been cancelled.