2021-06-03 - API Management in a hybrid world - A secure story from the field


API Management in a hybrid world - A secure story from the field

API Management is the cornerstone of modern application integration. The key business driver for introducing API Management is the need to provide secure and scalable access to internal APIs. This access can be granted to internal, but often also to 3rd-party applications and users. Moreover, these internal APIs are likely to still be hosted on an on-premises or private cloud infrastructure.

In this session we will take a closer look at how you can securely expose your business critical, internal APIs to the outside world via a hybrid cloud setup. Azure API Management will obviously be our key component, but we will need to introduce other Azure PaaS components to cover both network related and application related security needs.

Ruben DelangeSpeaker: Ruben Delange is a passionate .NET & Azure solution architect at AXI. His job is to design and implement reliable, secure and scalable integration and back-end solutions, both on-premises and in the Azure cloud. His focus is mainly on Azure PaaS solutions. He is also team coach of the AXI Microsoft team in Ghent.

Ruben on Twitter: @RubenDelange

Practical details

Event date: June 3, 2021 - you are welcome to hang out in our Slack team or on the YouTube Live chat from 16:30, sessions start at 17:00.

Event location:
Online at www.azug.be/live, details will be e-mailed closer to the event.

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