2018-09-20 - An evening on Azure AD B2B and Actor based Services

Interested in an evening on Azure AD B2B and Actor based Services? Wim Van Houts will cover (scalable) actor systems, where actors never die. Sjoukje Zaal will dive into external collaboration with Azure B2B.


Oh my God, they killed Kenny!

A story about (scalable) actor systems, where actors never die. The goal is to illustrate where an actor system can come into play, where it’s not useful, and how to make sure the actors keep on going. I will approach this from the developer point of view as well as the deployment side. The session will cover Akka.net framework, Orleans, their differences and similarities, and we will of course see how to deploy on Azure (AKS or ACI) using containers. Some very opinionated thoughts and real-life experiences with actors systems and development are included.

Wim Van HoutsSpeaker: Wim Van Houts - About 20 years converting ideas into software that makes users jump for joy. Prefers the term solution designer and has an expertise in understanding customers. An experienced development manager and software architect. Wants to know everything about everything since that leads to the best business solution.

Two quotes apply:

  • Imagination is more important than knowledge
  • Per aspera ad astra

Co-founder of XQTING, a company focussed on complex software architectures and integration solutions.

*Co-founder of Splitvice, a revolutionary project portfolio mangement tool. *

External collaboration with Azure B2B

Collaboration between organizations becomes more and more important these days. Azure Business to Business (B2B) offers an out-of-the-box platform which can be used for secure collaboration with external users. With Azure B2B organizations can provide access to documents, resources, and applications to their partners, while maintaining complete control over their own corporate data.

This session will give you insights on how to control and manage access to your external users and partners using Azure B2B. You can expect lot’s of demos on how to control access and keep your data safe.

Sjoukje ZaalSpeaker: Sjoukje Zaal - Sjoukje Zaal is a Principal Expert Microsoft and Microsoft Azure MVP with over 15 years of experience providing architecture, development, consultancy and design expertise. She works at Ordina, a system integrator based in the Netherlands.

She is active in the Microsoft community as a co-founder of SP&C NL and MixUG, writer, public speaker and on MSDN.

Practical details

Event date: September 20, 2018 - you are welcome from 18:00, session starts 18:30

Event location:
Xylos Antwerpen
Noorderlaan 139
2030 Antwerpen

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