2018-06-26 - Making sense of containers, Docker and Kubernetes on Azure

Nills Franssens will provide us with a demo-rich session that covers containers, Docker and Kubernetes. On Azure, of course!


Making sense of containers, Docker and Kubernetes on Azure

Containers are getting more and more popular. After being popularized by Docker, the interest in the packaging format has been rising. Orchestrators like swarm and kubernetes have added additional capabilities to the mix; but also add a lot of complexity. During this session, we’ll make sense of containers, Docker and Kubernetes; show you some demos of a container in action and show you how Azure can become your container platform.

During the first half we’ll focus on containers themselves. Who are they, what do they do, what drives them? We’ll explore what a container is - what the benefits are of using them - how you can integrate them in your CICD pipeline - and how MSFT tools can help in working with containers. After the break, we’ll dive into orchestrators and focus on kubernetes. We’ll discover why we even need kubernetes - what the software brings - what the benefits are - how you can integrate k8s into your CICD pipeline and how MSFT tools can help in working with kubernetes. The final part will highlight some new container evolutions to pay attention to. We’ll have a quick look at gvisor (google) - operator framework (coreos) - helm/draft/brigade/Kashti (MSFT).

The complete session will hover between a level 200 and level 300 presentation with multiple demos. Due to the amount of content we’ll cover there won’t be room for a hands-on lab, but who knows what might follow in the future…

Nills FranssensSpeaker: Nills Franssens - Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft. Beer lover, board game geek, runner. Nills is a Cloud Solution Architect (or CSA) at Microsoft Belgium. With a lot of experience in IaaS and networking, he is expanding his knowledge domain into the wonderful domain of Docker and Kubernetes. In his spare time, he enjoys the occasional beer; plays a lot a board games (never bored) and runs often (1114km in 2017).

Practical details

Event date: June 26, 2018 - you are welcome from 18:00, session starts 18:30

Event location:
Mechelen Campus
Schaliënhoevedreef 20J
2800 Mechelen

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