2018-10-03 - Confusion In The Land Of The Serverless & Macro challenges of a microservice architecture

Serverless is everywhere and promises to solve all your problems! However, is this really true? And what are these microservices we keep hearing about and what are the macro challenges?

Come join and listen to Sam Newman and Cornell Knulst to learn more about this!


Confusion In The Land Of The Serverless

Serverless computing is the hot new thing. Like any hyped technology, it promises a lot. However questions remain around concept and implementation, especially when you start to compare how we’ve built systems in the past, and what serverless offers us now. Is Serverless the future, or just the emperor’s new clothes?

This talk will very briefly introduce serverless computing, but will then dive into some of the questions that aren’t always asked in conjunction with this technology. Topics will include:

How does your attitude to security change?

  • Is it easier, or harder, to create reliable, resilient systems?
  • Do patterns like Circuit breakers and connection pools make sense any more?
  • Is vendor lock-in a problem?
  • Is serverless computing only for microservice architectures?
  • Which problems fit serverless computing?

By the end of the talk you should have a firm grasp of what serverless computing really can offer, cut through some of the hype, and get an understanding about where and how you can use it in your own organisations.

Sam NewmanSpeaker: Sam Newman is an independent consultant based in London, working with clients all over the world. He works in the cloud and continuous delivery space, more recently focusing on the use of microservice architectures and is the author of “Building Microservices”.

The macro challenges of a microservice architecture

Microservices are hot. Many companies are adopting this top level architectural style. Over the past few years we faced some interesting challenges in implementing a microservice architecture at different customers.

How to deal for example with cross-cutting concerns like monitoring and logging? How to implement reliable messaging for a non-event sourced microservice? What about graph based authorization versus decoupled services? How to ensure GDPR compliancy in services that are implemented in an eventsourced way?

Just some questions we’ll answer in this practical session about advanced microservice issues.

Cornell KnulstSpeaker: Cornell is a Lead Architect at The Learning Network. He enables companies to deliver software faster, cheaper and better by supplying guidance on adopting DevOps practices and migrating to modern, cloud-native architectures. He is passionate about new technologies and is continuously diving into the latest technologies. He actively maintains a personal blog, speaks regularly at both national and international industry events and regularly publishes articles in national trade magazines.

Practical details

Event date: October 3, 2018 - you are welcome from 18:00, session starts 18:30

Event location:
3Square - Gent (sponsored by Codit)
Rijvisschestraat 124
9052 Zwijnaarde

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