2012-12-04 - SQL Federation with Windows Azure and Scott Klein

How would you go about designing a cloud-scale database of a couple of terabytes? We're not sure about that... and that's why Scott Klein, Technical Evangelist on Windows Azure SQL Database, will come and explain us!

Session info

Windows Azure SQL Federation: Scaling your cloud database and building cross-federation queries and other tips

Windows Azure SQL Federation enables the building of large scale solutions on SQL Database. We’ll cover the best practices and patterns for building database tiers with best of breed scalability with databases stretched over to hundreds of nodes and with TBs of data and with thousands of concurrent users in the cloud. We cover issues such as scale-first database design practices and designing fan-out queries and dealing with identity generation. We’ll look at architecting systems that need to go beyond the capacity of a single node in the cloud, systems that need to handle spikes and bursts, or systems with multi-tenancy and elasticity for great economics.


Scott Klein is a Corporate Technical Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on Windows Azure SQL Database (AKA SQL Azure) and related cloud-ready data services. His entire career has been built around SQL Server, working with SQL Server since the 4.2 days. Prior to Microsoft he was a SQL Server MVP for several years, then followed that up by being one of the first 4 SQL Azure MVPs. Scott is the author of over ½ dozen books for both WROX and APress, including Pro SQL Azure. He can be found talking about Windows Azure SQL Database and database scalability and performance at events large and small wherever he can get people to listen, such as SQL Saturday events, local SQL Server user groups, and TechEd.

Practical details

Event cancelled. Sorry!