2020-04-07 - From TFS trenches to DevOps modern warfare at LoQutus

From TFS trenches to DevOps modern warfare at LoQutus

At LoQutus we’ve moved from several on-premise TFS servers (spanning several versions) to Azure DevOps over the past 2 years. We’ve also helped several clients in setting up or moving to a DevOps environment.

In this talk we’ll discuss how we migrated from TFVC to git, how this has impacted the development process for us and our clients and how we’ve incrementally adopted several DevOps features to aid our project delivery process. CI builds, deployments, release notes - all automated through the power of Azure Pipelines!

Expect a lot of lessons learned and practical advice to help you on your own journey to DevOps.

Thomas VandaeleSpeaker: Thomas Vandaele is a passionate full-stack developer with a keen interest for everything in the wider software engineering world - from the technical nitty-gritty to the processes that guide a team. He is adamant about keeping an open mind when selecting a technology stack, but finds himself being able to rely on the .NET and Azure stack for many projects. At LoQutus, he is currently working as a senior developer for clients, while also taking up the role of guild master for the Azure/.NET guild.

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