2020-03-31 - Virtual Azure Community Day

AZUG has been hosting track 2 of Virtual Azure Community Day. Together with several other user groups, we’ve organized the Virtual Azure Community Day. We had multiple streams happening in parallel, one per country from which we were airing.

Session recordings of all track 2 videos can be found below. Other tracks are available from the Virtual Azure Community Day website.

Azure Kubernetes Service Basics

Containerized applications have become an essential part of our everyday life. Learn everything about Kubernetes and how you can run it in the Azure Cloud.

In this talk, Nico will explain how Kubernetes work and how it can help to run Containers in production. You will learn everything about Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Registry and Azure Container Instances.

Get to know the basics as well as the best practices that you can implement straight away!

Speaker: Nico Meisenzahl

Nico Meisenzahl works as Senior Cloud & DevOps Consultant at white duck. As an elected Docker Community Leader and GitLab Hero, his current passion is for topics around Kubernetes, CI/CD, Automation, DevOps, and Cloud.

Nico is a frequent speaker at conferences, user group events and Meetups in Europe and the United States.

Video recording

Cloud Native by Design

The “cloud” has been available to developers for over a decade with exciting services that really boost your applications to the next level. Why is it that the majority of applications running on these cloud platforms are still built as though it’s 1990’s with complex infrastructures? Today there’s no longer a need to build tightly integrated applications.

In this talk I will discuss 15 years of cloud development showing examples of old-fashioned application architectures that are still being produced today. To counter these examples I will also show you how easy it is today to build applications cloud-native so they are outperforming the competition, are easily maintainable and are resilient against failures.

The goal of this talk is to have you rethink the way you develop for the cloud and how you can adopt my approaches in your own architectures.

Speaker: Michelangelo van Dam

I’m a senior #php architect, co-founder and #ceo of @in2itvof, #community leader at @phpbenelux, coach at @CoderDojoBelgium, #MVP, #digitalnomad, likes #coffee.

Video recording

Getting real time insights from your serverless solution

The SignalR real-time framework has been there for ages, but how do you connect to services as volatile like Azure Functions?

In my session, I will show you how to create a SignalR service, send messages to the SignalR service and handle events on a connected SPA application.

Speaker: Eduard Keilholz

I’m developing software for over two decades. I’m working as a cloud solution architect and a team lead at 4DotNet in The Netherlands.

In my current position I love to help customers with their journey to the cloud. I like to create highly performant software and to help team members to a higher level of software development.

My focus is on the Microsoft development stack, mainly C# and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. I also have strong affinity with Angular.

Video recording

Guide to migrate your .NET app to Azure

She will demonstrate the different steps to migrate .NET apps to Azure and illustrate the advantage of a full range of cloud benefits like automatic scaling, patching, performance monitoring, and CI/CD. So you will be able after this session to know how you can move your existing .NET Framework server applications directly to the cloud by modernizing specific areas, with or without re-architecting or recoding entire applications.

Speaker: Rebai Hamida

Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, Ignite 2018 Speaker, MCC ,DZone MVB,Technical Writer,Architect, Tech Speaker, .NET Consultant.

Video recording

Azure Search is a Microsoft service that exists already for a while. But many do not know powerful and how easy this service is to use. In this demo based session I will show all the different functionalities of this services but also how you can extend it.

Speaker: Sammy Deprez

Sammy is senior consultant and Managing Partner of Arinti (a company focused on the Microsoft AI Platform) He is passionate about everything that has to do with data and anything connecting to that, from reporting till data science & AI. Worked on projects locally & abroad and in industries from healthcare to finance & banking. And most importantly he loves to share his knowledge with others. Thats why he is also organizer of the Global AI Events in Belgium + Core Member of dataMinds (Belgian Microsoft Data Platform community)

Video recording

In this session will will show how to turn Public Azure PaaS services into Private using Private endpoints and links.

After this demo you will learn to reach services like Azure Storage, Azure SQL or Azure Key Vault through a private IP address on your network

Speaker: Samir Farhat

I’m an IT Pro delivering since 2010 consultancy missions for several customers. My main competencies are about Datacenter and Cloud solutions and exclusively Microsoft related products. I also design Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds based on Hyper-V and Azure. I’m recognized as an Azure MVP.

Video recording

Stop the spill, get in control of your Azure bill!

Pay as you Go sounds nice when you start using Azure but what if your bill doesn’t stop growing? Your boss will ask you soon enough! This session will show you the available tools and steps to get in control. Then what are do’s and don’ts to actually reduce costs? Hint: don’t follow the money! I will take you through the learnings I got from working with a lot of software vendors.

Speaker: Kees Schollaart

Kees is a passionate speaker about modern cloud technologies. As a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft he works with developers, architects and CTO’s of ISV’s helping them to develop even better products on Azure. Working with so many ISV’s enables him to share the best working cloud-developments patterns and practices.

Video recording

Zero Credential Development with Managed Identities for Azure Resources

Keys are always needed to access services in Azure and beyond. Storing and managing keys presents many problems, for example rotating and disabling them. Keys often also allow blanket access to the service with no way to limit it. Sometimes there is only one key that needs to be shared by services, so you won’t have any way to disable access from one individually.

In this talk we will go through Managed Identities for Azure Resources, how they work, and how you can use them to use Azure services in a secure way without having to manage any keys yourself. We will go through a demo application which uses various Azure services through a managed identity, removing the need to use keys entirely.

The source code will be available to the audience so they have samples that they can use to implement managed identities in their own applications.

Speaker: Joonas Westlin

Joonas has been working with Microsoft technologies as a hobby since the first version of .NET framework. Currently he works as a software developer at Zure, a company specializing in developing software on Microsoft Azure using its PaaS offerings. He is one of the 5 Azure MVPs in Finland. Joonas is currently the global #1 for Azure AD answers on Stack Overflow.

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