2016-02-04 - Azure IoT Suite. A look behind the curtain.

Azure IoT Suite was announced last year and it seems there are people who tend to believe that it will make real IoT solutions easy to set up and quick to deploy.  In this session, you will get an overview of the features and capabilities of Azure ioT Suite.  Some interesting demos will show how to register devices, send telemetry information and commands to and from devices.  But after the magic, a touch with reality will be held.  The various components will be discussed. Extensibility and customization will be shown. After this session, attendees should get a good understanding of the possibilities of Azure IoT suite. Attendees should also get a better understanding of the possibilities to apply Azure IoT Suite in real world scenarios. Expect demos and tons of honest feedback!

Speaker: Sam Vanhoutte is CTO and Product Manager with Codit. Based in Belgium, Sam is a Microsoft BizTalk Virtual Technology Specialist and has extensive experience in building integrated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Because of the specialized focus on integration on Microsoft technology, Sam  is part of Microsoft's Connected Systems and Azure Advisory boards and is a Windows Azure Insider. Sam co-founded the BizTalk User Group in Belgium. While managing and architecting the online integration platform "Codit Integration Cloud", Sam has been focusing on Cloud integration with the Windows Azure platform the last years, focusing on the Windows Azure Service Bus and BizTalk Services technology. 
Sam is blogging on the Codit blog and tweets via @SamVanhoutte.