2014-06-16 - Managing your Cloud Services + Continuous Integration solutions

Deploying your Azure solution is only a first step. Once in production you’ll need a way to manage the deployed service. You’ll want to gather performance diagnostics, create and read logfiles, monitor the use of your databases, (re)deploy the service automated, swap between staging and production, scale out extra instances … This is possible through the portal of course, but we need a more automated way to manage everything. Azure has some management and diagnostics API’s, SQL Azure has management views, Storage has a logging API,…  Let's dive in these. In this talk we share an overview of the different API’s and how to use them. You’ll also be happy to see a demo of some management tool I’ve build that integrates into TFS for continuous integration.

Speaker: Kurt Claeys is an Azure geek since the launch in 2008, worked as cloud competence leader at Ordina, co-founded the AZUG.BE, was MVP between 2008 and 2010, is still Microsoft Certified Trainer, worked for 3 years at Microsoft as Azure Technology Solution Professional, currently is a freelance Azure architecture consultant (www.nuboid.be) where he now exclusively works on Azure projects.