2013-03-11 - Cloud Data for the Everyday Developer

When should you use a database? When will it bite you? When is table storage the solution? In this session, Scott Klein will guide us through the various storage services in the Windows Azure landscape and provide some key insights into performance and scalability of those.

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Cloud Data for the Everyday Developer

To most developers, the database is a black box phenomenon that few dare to explore. As cloud computing becomes more popular and cloud-based solutions the norm rather than the fringe, the need to understand the different data services that the cloud has to offer is more critical to application developers. This demo-filled session will introduce and uncover the Windows Azure data “black box” by discussing the different PaaS data services available and how your applications can easily and efficiently leverage these services. This session will begin by looking at Windows Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s scalable and highly-available cloud-based relational database based on SQL Server technology. We will then look at the details of Microsoft’s NoSql data store services, Windows Azure Table Storage, offering capabilities for applications that require unstructured data storage. We'll also spend some time looking at Blob storage and how this data service can ease some of the storage burdens many organizations face. We’ll cap the session off by looking at each of these in terms of performance and scalability, and how these offerings can be used together to create highly-scalable cloud-based solutions.

Scott KleinSpeaker: Scott Klein is a Corporate Technical Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on Windows Azure SQL Database (AKA SQL Azure) and related cloud-ready data services. His entire career has been built around SQL Server, working with SQL Server since the 4.2 days. Prior to Microsoft he was a SQL Server MVP for several years, then followed that up by being one of the first 4 SQL Azure MVPs. Scott is the author of over ½ dozen books for both WROX and APress, including Pro SQL Azure. He can be found talking about Windows Azure SQL Database and database scalability and performance at events large and small wherever he can get people to listen, such as SQL Saturday events, local SQL Server user groups, and TechEd.