2012-11-21 - Over the hedge: what's that bookstore doing? (part 2)

2 hours of hardcore AWS. We'll do a technical tour of the most important features of the most important services (S3, EC2, RDS, IAM, etc.) With this information we'll be able to have an informed conversation about the similarities and differences with 'traditional infrastructures'. We should be able to re-architect existing applications, to get an an idea of what a 'cloud move' would mean.

Make sure to also check out part 1 of this talk!


Jasper Geurtsen has been a pragmatic software developer for over 15 years. After programming embedded systems for many years, like the TomTom devices, he co-founded 9apps. This brought him into a world with an infinite supply of cloud computing resources. He loves making all kind of systems work together with other fun people. When he is not making systems work, Jasper enjoys going to music concerts, hiking and camping with his girlfriend and their two children.

Jurg van Vliet graduated from the University of Amsterdam in Computer Science. After his internship with Philips Research, he worked for many web startups and media companies. Passionate about technology, he wrote for many years about it and its effects on society. He became interested in the cloud and started using AWS in 2007. After merging his former company, 2Yellows, with a research firm, he decided to start 9Apps, an AWS boutique that is an AWS solution provider and silver partner of Eucalyptus, together with Flavia. Give Jurg a scalability challenge, and he will not sleep until he solves it—and he will love you for it.