Speakers Agreement

As a (potential) speaker at any of our events, you must agree to the terms outlined on this page.

Volunteer Ethos

AZUG, the Belgian Azure User Group, and its events are not-for-profit, and is run by unpaid volunteers.

Our speakers are also unpaid volunteers and there is no payment to speak at any of our events.

We are very grateful for the time that our speakers donate to preparing and delivering their talks.

Travel & Expenses

We recognise that some of our speakers have to travel to be with us and we will pay reasonable travel and expenses. Our travel policy outlines travel arrangements in detail.

Be Nice

As a speaker, we expect you to adhere to our Code of Conduct at all of our events. We expect your help in making people feel welcome.

Be Communicative

Organizing events means a lot of practical details have to be sorted, ranging from potential travel arrangements, to requesting dietary preferences, to technical detail requests to ensure your talk goes over well.

As a speaker, we expect you to respond to e-mails and other inquiries from our organization in a timely manner.