2024-04-25 - Demystifying defender for servers & Howto AI on your data

In our fourth session of the year, we’ll have a session that focuses on demystifying defender for servers and a session on howto AI on your data. See you there?


Demystifying Defender for Server and management capabilities on Azure Virtual Machines

 Bjorn Jackers In the current IT landscape security will become more important than ever.
Not only data but also the overall IT landscape should be protected and managed as best as possible.

When looking at Azure virtual machines there is always a misunderstanding on how they can be secured and managed using the basic Microsoft security feature sets. By combining the strength and flexibility of Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Defender the full potentials can be benefited from the Microsoft stack

In this session we will have a view on how to correctly onboard Azure Virtual Machines in the Microsoft Defender solution and benefit from a seamless management by combining Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Intune.

Speaker: Bjorn Jackers Senior Office 365 en Azure Consultant bij delaware BeLux.

Howto AI on your data

 Gitte Vermeiren AI is the new buzzword in town. Everybody wants to AI! And now even your users come to you and ask if they can chat with their business data. But where and how do you get started with this???

In this session I will walk you through the steps that are needed to build an application that can do AI on your data using the components in the Azure platform. You will learn about Azure Open AI service and the different AI models you can use out of the box. I will cover Azure AI search for supporting vectorized search on your data. I will cover how to combine the 2 of them to implement the RAG pattern (Retrieval Augmented Generation).

In this session you will learn how to build an app where you can chat with your data and what the common patterns and use cases are we see customers use when setting this up.

Speaker: Gitte Vermeiren FastTrack for Azure Engineer at Microsoft

Practical details

Event date: April 25th, 2024 - you are welcome from 17:30, food served at 18:00, session starts 18:30. At the location the venue is on the 1st floor at your convenience.

Event location:

Klaverbladstraat 11
3560 Lummen

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