2024-01-15 - All about Azure Integration

In our first session of the year, we’ll focus on Azure Integration Services. See you in Kontich?


Azure Integration Services for Developers

The ecosystem around Microsoft Azure Integration Services is expected to grow very rapidly over the next few years as people look for new integration solutions, look to migrate from BizTalk to Azure and also look to move from other traditional vendors to the benefits offered by the Azure platform.

The 2 biggest challenges people and organizations face when developing integration solutions on Azure are:

  • Where do I use which technology
  • I cant find enough integration professionals

As a .net developer you already have many of the skills needed to be successful with Azure Integration Services (AIS) yet many organizations feel like they struggle to find people who can develop integration solutions. In this session we will look at the opportunity for an organization to leverage their .net developers to help build integration solutions and discuss some of the challenges around where to use which technology and hopefully open the door for people to get into AIS

Real world Azure cost management and optimization with Serverless360

Your Azure bill just keeps getting bigger and you dont feel in control of it.

In this session we will talk about why we built the Cost Analyzer module within Serverless360 and look at how I used it on real world projects to help an integration team get transparency on their costs, how other parts of the business took a big interest in what we were doing and we will discuss some of the cost saving opportunities we found on the journey.

Michael Stephenson

Speaker: Michael Stephenson Coach and Consultant helping customer successfully adopt Microsoft Azure. Mike Stephenson has been a Microsoft MVP for 15 years. He specializes in integration solutions and is also an advisor to Serverless360. Mike is based in Newcastle in the UK, loves to play and talk about Golf, and also talk about Football and Cloud technologies

Practical details

Event date: January 15th, 2023 - you are welcome from 17:30, food served at 18:00, session starts 18:30.

Event location:
AxxessMain D’or
Veldkant 4
2550 Kontich

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