2023-09-28 - Identity Lifecycle Management with Microsoft Entra and building an OpenID Connect IAM Platform

In our first session after summer we’ll be talking about Licecycle Management with Microsoft Entra. And how to build a feature-rich OpenID Connect IAM Platform. See you there?


Automate onboarding & offboarding tasks with Microsoft Entra | Identity Lifecycle Management

Tim Sente

Microsoft Entra ID Governance, is Microsoft’s complete identity governance product that ensures the right people have the right access to the right resources at the right time. During our session we will address the following topics:

Access packages With access packages customers can bring access management directly towards its end-users, allowing end-users to request the access they need and making business owners responsible instead of your IT-department being man in the middle during the whole process.

Lifecycle Workflows As people onboard and leave the organization, provisioning and deprovisioning is critical to maintain security and compliance. Lifecycle Workflows in Microsoft Entra ID Governance can help with pre-built templates for common tasks.

At the end of the session you will understand the capabilities of Microsoft Entra ID Governance, how it brings value and how to get started with Access packages and Lifecycle Workflows.

Speaker: Tim Sente Azure Cloud Practice Manager at Devoteam.

Building a feature-rich OpenID Connect Identity and Access Management Platform

Wesley Cabus

In today’s world, identity and access management (IAM in short) is critical to protecting confidential data and applications. With the increasing adoption of cloud-based applications, building a scalable and secure identity and access management platform is a must for organizations of all sizes.

In this session, you’ll learn about the journey of building an advanced IAM platform based on Duende IdentityServer. We’ll discuss the standard capabilities of IdentityServer and explore how we extended it with features such as multi-factor authentication, home realm discovery, and user impersonation. You’ll also learn about the best practices for building a resilient and secure platform, including strategies for handling scale and redundancy.

Whether you’re just starting out with OpenID Connect or you’re looking to take your identity and access management platform to the next level, this session is for you.

Speaker: Wesley Cabus Coding Architect, Coffee Enthusiast at Xpirit Belgium

Practical details

Event date: September 28th, 2023 - you are welcome from 17:30, food served at 18:00, session starts 18:30.

Event location:
Culliganlaan 3
1831 Machelen

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