2023-02-07 - Connected manufacturing using Azure services

In our first session of the year, we’ll have a look at connected manufacturing. See you in Ghent?


Connected manufacturing using Azure services

Donovan De Smedt A deep dive in the factory of the future using Azure PaaS services, and how to create added value.

Topics that will be covered: Iot Edge, IoT hub, digital twins, Azure Functions, Event Hubs, data components, …

Speaker: Donovan De Smedt Senior Consultant Mobile, Web & IoT at delaware BeLux.

Unleash the Power of NLP: Journey from TF-IDF to ChatGPT with Azure OpenAI

Margaux Vander Plaetsen Discover the Thrilling World of NLP!

Join us for a presentation exploring the progression of language models from TF-IDF to the cutting-edge ChatGPT. Get a deep dive into the Azure OpenAI service and learn how to effortlessly integrate it into your applications. Discover a wealth of possibilities, from real-world use cases to increased efficiency, that this service can bring to your life.

Speaker: Margaux Vander Plaetsen Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft.

Practical details

Event date: February 7th, 2023 - you are welcome from 17:30, food served at 18:00, session starts 18:30

Event location:
Delaware - Ghent
Blue Tower 1
Sluisweg 1
9000 Gent

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