2020-03-13 - AZUG and Covid-19

Dear friends of AZUG!

We’ve been following the situation and measures around Covid-19 closely. After discussing our next events, and have decided the following:

We highly recommend joining the AZUG Slack, as this is the place where we want to provide a convenient way to communicate during our virtualized event(s - maybe…).

As Covid-19 is still progressing around the world, with the WHO already having declared it a pandemic, the number of cases around Europe on the rise, cancelling is the only good decision that can be made right now.

It is true that in the majority of cases folks suffering from the virus recover, and most may not need much medical attention. However, the mortality rate for vulnerable groups is still high. The more people infected, the larger the strain on the public and private health systems. If we can help minimize this impact, there’s a much better chance for those with higher risk to get adequate treatment. As such, we feel that cancelling in-person AZUG events for the coming months may help flatten the exponential growth curve and avoid further spread of the virus.

If you have any questions or concerns around cancelling the events we had planned for April, feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
the AZUG crew