2019-10-07 - Azure And Real World DevOps

The worlds of Azure and DevOps collide at this meetup with Microsoft’s number one rockstar: Abel Wang. He will build the infrastucture and deployment for a complex modern application - starting with an empty folder on his laptop.


Azure and Real World DevOps

It is now 2019 and good DevOps practices are no longer just nice to have. It is absolutely necessary to continuously deliver value to our end users. Yet this isn’t easy to do right. Unfortunately, all the flashy Hello World DevOps demos we see at conferences don’t really help us figure out how to do DevOps in the real world. They don’t even let us know what is possible.

In this session, we change all of that. We explore the why’s and the how. Why is DevOps important? Why do we care? How do we implement DevOps best practices? And finally, we will do a real world deep dive.

Starting from nothing at all except source code (and I mean NOTHING. No infrastructure at all) we end with a complex modern application deployed all the way out into production hosted in the cloud.

We touch on modern technologies and techniques. From Infrastructure as Code to setting up DNS. From web front ends, to deploying databases. From API’s hosted in Kubernetes clusters all he way to mobile apps. And we do everything from within our pipelines. With the right tooling, anything is possible. And in this session, you will see all this happen live with DevOps best practices including IaC, Database DevOps, Security and Quality!

Abel WangSpeaker: Abel Wang is a Principal Cloud Developer Advocate specializing in DevOps and Azure with a background in application development. He is currently part of Donovan Brown’s League of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates. Before joining Microsoft, Abel spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master helping customers globally develop solutions using agile practices and Team Foundation Server. Prior to that, Abel founded and sold his own software company. When not working, Abel is either writing code (yes, that’s what he does for fun), playing his guitar or training for The Great Wall Marathon. Diagnosed with cancer a year ago, Abel is now cancer free and spits in the face of cancer.

Practical details

Event date: October 7th, 2019 - you are welcome from 18:00, session starts 18:30

Catering: Yes!

Event location:

Microsoft Belgium
Brussels National Airport, 1K (*)
1930 Zaventem

Important note regarding parking! Microsoft will only validate parking cards for parkings P2 and P3 at Brussels Airport.

(*) When you exit P2/P3, at takeoff level, you’ll see the building on your right across the road

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