2015-05-05 - Storing sensitive data and automating Azure IaaS management

Join us on May 5th for two sessions that apply to anyone using Azure's SaaS and IaaS services. Tom Kerkhove will show us what the Azure Key Vault is about and how it can help us keep secrets a secret. Aleksandar Nikolic joins us for a session around automating common Azure IaaS management tasks.

Securing sensitive data with Azure Key Vault

As a developer you often have to use & store a lot of sensitive data going from service credentials to connection strings or even encryption keys. But how do I store these in a secure way? How do I know who has access to them and how do I prevent people from copying them and abusing them? On the other hand, SaaS customers have no clue how you store their sensitive data and how they use it. How can they monitor that? How can they revoke your access easily?

In this session I’ll guide you to securely store keys, credentials and other secrets in the cloud with Azure Key Vault. You will also see that SaaS customers are still the owners of their sensitive data and can monitor everything.

Speaker: Tom Kerkhove is an Integration Professional at Codit and a Microsoft Azure Advisor. He’s also a Kinect for Windows MVP that focusses on connecting devices to the cloud in a secure & scalable way.

Automating common Azure IaaS management tasks

When you want to manage repetitive Azure IaaS tasks and processes efficiently, Azure Portal is not good enough. You cannot even perform some of the tasks in a portal. We will talk about how to use PowerShell and PowerShell Workflow-based Azure Automation to automate tasks in Azure. With automation, IT costs can be reduced and efficient deployments are made possible.

Speaker: Aleksandar Nikolic is a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell, an Azure Insider, a co- founder of PowerShellMagazine.com, and a community manager of PowerShell.com. He is very experienced presenting and speaking to Microsoft customers, and have facility for describing complex management and automation tasks even to beginning and novice users and scripters, and has more than 17 years of experience as a system administrator. He also delivers PowerShell and Azure training courses around the world and is a frequent speaker at IT conferences (MMS, NIC, MS Sinergija, MS Windays, PowerShell Summit, TEC, TechDaysSF). You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Practical details

Event date: May 5, 2015 - you are welcome from 17:45, sessions start around 18:15
Catering: sandwiches

Event location:
Baarbeek 1
2070 Zwijndrecht

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