2015-02-17 - Ingest loads of data with Event Hubs and Complex Event Processing

Two sessions, one evening. Sam Vanhoutte will take us along on an overview of Azure Event Hubs and what they can do for us. We'll also see how we can do complex event processing on Azure and what toosl are available.

Ingest loads of data with Azure Event Hubs

In this session, Sam will give an overview of Azure Service Bus Event Hubs.  He will talk about the concepts, the technical usage and the scenarios in which Event Hubs can be used.  

Complex Event Processing on Azure

While more data is being produced on a daily basis, there is often the need to get insights in the big stream of this data events. Telemetry data from devices, tracing information or click events from your web site, traffic information... All these events are typically sent in a large stream of data.

With the Azure platform, there are several services that allow to get real time analytics from that stream. Azure Stream Analytics, Event Hubs and other services can be used to learn from your data.

In this session, Sam will give an overview of Complex Event Processing on Azure, using various demos and scenarios.

Speaker: Sam Vanhoutte is CTO and Product Manager with Codit. Based in Belgium, Sam is a Microsoft BizTalk Virtual Technology Specialist and has extensive experience in building integrated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Because of the specialized focus on integration on Microsoft technology, Sam  is part of Microsoft's Connected Systems and Azure Advisory boards and is a Windows Azure Insider. Sam co-founded the BizTalk User Group in Belgium. While managing and architecting the online integration platform "Codit Integration Cloud", Sam has been focusing on Cloud integration with the Windows Azure platform the last years, focusing on the Windows Azure Service Bus and BizTalk Services technology. 
Sam is blogging on the Codit blog and tweets via @SamVanhoutte.

Practical details

Event date: February 17, 2015 - you are welcome from 17:45, sessions start around 18:15
Catering: sandwiches

Event location:
Skaldenstraat 7b 
9042 Gent 

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