2013-10-31 - Nuno brings two: Windows Azure Active Directory and Real-Time Applications

On this last day of October, we will have Nuno Godinho over, bringing us two sessions: Windows Azure Active Directory and Real-Time Applications. As a Director of Cloud Services at Aditi, he has several years of experience working on various Windows Azure projects. Join us and Nuno and learn about some real-world experiences and technical approaches to solving things.

Session info

Windows Azure Active Directory
Windows Azure Active Directory is a very important part of the Windows Azure platform since it provides a way to manage your identity and also connect to existing Active Directory infrastructures. In this session we will be covering the following topics:

  • Integration between Windows Azure Active Directory and Office 365
  • GraphAPI
  • WebSSO

Real-time Data Management in the Cloud
Everyone is currently talking about Big Data problems and always think about technologies like Hadoop, Elastic MR and so on, but all those are done for data analytics not in real-time. When we think about real-time systems like CCTV analysis for disturbances, Financial Markets, Manufacturing with real-time adjustments of the production everything becomes different. In this session, we will be talking about:

  • What is Real-time and when should I care?
  • Scenarios where it might fit
  • Event Driven Architectures
  • How Cloud can help getting real-time solutions
  • What products/frameworks can help? (NServiceBus, NESPER, MessageHandler, Reactive Extensions, ...)

Speaker: Nuno Godinho is Director of Cloud Services, Europe @ Aditi Technologies with more than 14 years of Experience and mainly responsible for helping customer to identify, plan, manage and develop software products and solutions in the Cloud, mostly with Windows Azure, where most of these software products and solutions are mission critical and use Microsoft. NET platform from ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Forms, WCF, WF, WPF, Windows Phone and Windows Azure. MVP for the last 6 years, starting with MVP in ASP.NET and for the last 3 years MVP in Windows Azure. INETA Country Leader & Leader for several Portuguese communities like PontoNetPT (.NET Development in Portuguese), XAMLPT (Microsoft UX Technologies in Portuguese) and Founder of AzurePT (Windows Azure in Portuguese).

Practical details

Event date: October 31, 2013 - you are welcome from 18:00, session starts 18:30
Catering: sandwiches

Event location:
Interleuvenlaan 27b
3001 Heverlee

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