2013-09-26 - Going Mobile with Windows Azure Mobile Services

With the recent release of Windows Azure Mobile Services, it has never been easier and faster to develop scalable, reliable and connected mobile apps. Developers can focus on the client and can design, build and maintain a solid API in no time. Even though every app has its own specific requirements, there is out of the box support for most of them available. Kristof Rennen has a lot of hands-on experience with Windows Azure Mobile Servies and will take us on a tour!

Session info

In this session we will give an overview of what Mobile Services can offer you, in which scenarios it can be of value and in which scenarios it is not. Focus will be on the backend, but we will see how easy it is to start building Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps using the API as a backend. We will at least cover the following features:

  • How you store data and what your storage options are
  • How development of the backend is done and what possibilities you have in versioning, testing and debugging the scripts
  • What the possibilities are for custom APIs
  • How easy it is to integrate authentication for social providers and SSO using Live SDK
  • What you should do to enrich your app with scheduled or push notifications
  • How you extend your backend with scheduled jobs, including non-mobile service related scenarios
  • How you scale up and down easily
  • How easy it is to integrate deployment and development in any ALM solution
  • What the difference is between the three tiers Free, Standard and Premium

Finally we will wrap up by showing how to deal with cross platform app development, how to utilize Mobile Services for multiple platforms and how to optimize a solution for optimal code reuse.

Speaker: After being in the field for almost 10 years as developer, architect, and coach and after dreaming about the Cloud and Windows Azure for a few years, Kristof decided to start his own company under the wings of Cronos where he will be both solution architect for customers and managing and building the company. Together with his partner in crime Panos he is focusing on development, architecture and advisory related to Cloud and Windows Azure fulltime.
As a big Cloud fan, Kristof has been part of the Windows Azure Mobile Services Advisory Board right from the start, shaping the future of this new and promising technology. Recently he has been added as Windows Azure Insider as well, to support the products where possible.

Practical details

Event date: September 26, 2013 - you are welcome from 18:00, session starts 18:30
Catering: sandwiches

Event location:
Cronos NV
Veldkant 33A
2550 Kontich

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