2012-06-05 - Taking a metro ride on Windows 8 and Windows Azure

Let’s explore what Windows 8, WinRT and Windows Azure can do together. Let’s explore how you can publish your application and how you can get live diagnostics from your users. Dive into push notifications and modern slavery in the form of worker roles in this evening filled with two practical sessions! 

Session info

Taking a metro ride on Windows 8 and Windows Azure

With the upcoming release of Windows 8 and new interesting technologies like WinRT and Metro, it is time to check out the possibilities these bring in combination with Windows Azure.
In one evening but with two different sessions you will be immersed into the future of these promising and versatile technologies.

In the first session we will talk about the new Windows Store, management of licenses, we will go through the certification process and discuss how to get an application published.
By using an external application or custom code on Windows Azure, we will perform diagnostics on the application and demonstrate how to manage information from within.
The sauce on top will be a nice Metro UI, ready to be touched on a Windows 8 tablet and fully integrated with Windows Azure by using the notification services.

In the second session, we will work through an application using Windows Azure as a backend for data and processing. Somewhere in the cloud, a worker will be reading and processing broadcast information and storing it on storage. Once new information is available and stored, the notification services will inform the clients about it.
Using a nicely designed Metro client, this broadcast data will be visualized in a touch enabled TV guide running on a Windows 8 tablet.

Kristof RennenSpeaker: Kristof Rennen is Architect and Lead Developer at Capgemini Belgium with many years of experience in software development. He is co-leader of the Windows Azure offering, gives trainings, talks about scalable architectures and cloud and evangelizes the interesting and challenging Windows Azure platform as much as he can. Since the beginning of 2012 he is crew member of the Belgian Windows Azure User Group Azug to assist on the organization of events, to support the board with the day to day activities and to deliver sessions. He is also member of the Microsoft Extended Experts Team where his main focus is community work and Windows Azure. As an Architect he has a strong focus on quality and reusability and he applies these important principles in professional and personal projects, both on premise and in the cloud.

Panagiotis KefalidisSpeaker: Panagiotis Kefalidis is a Software Development Consultant/Architect and Trainer. He has been a speaker at domestic and international events such TechEd and ITProDevConnections, delivering trainings and consulting on cloud computing and the Windows Azure Platform for almost 3 years. He also has experience with other cloud platforms like AWS, Google Gears and others. He's a supporter of the EuroCloud movement, likes Pizza, Sushi and fast cars. Born and raised in Greece but currently living and working at Belgium for Devoteam BE.. He is currently a Windows Azure MVP.

Practical details

Event date: June 5, 2012 - 18:00 - 21:00
Catering: sandwiches

Event location:
Capgemini Belgium N.V./S.A.
Bessenveldstraat 19
1831 Diegem

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