2012-05-16 - Big Data using Hadoop on Windows Azure

Big data... A big word? Why would you use big data? How would you create intelligence from a pile of seemingly unrelated data? Join AZUG and Sergejus Barinovas, a Lithuanian Windows Azure MVP on a tour along Hadoop on Windows Azure!

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Big Data using Hadoop on Windows Azure

It is widely believed big data is one of the 10 most important IT trends in forthcoming 10 years. The major player in big data landscape is distributed processing software called Hadoop. Hadoop has been initially created by Yahoo based on the Google’s Map/Reduce research paper and later adopted by leading companies including Facebook. Great news for all of us – Hadoop is coming to Windows and Windows Azure platforms! That means not only possibility to process massive of data with the power of cloud, but also highly awaited integration with the existing Microsoft BI stack including SQL Server and PowerPivot products. For the first time ever, we can use best of both worlds and have end-to-end solution for the business intelligence over big data.

Please come and learn about the importance of big data and map/reduce technic, get understanding of Hadoop architecture and all heavy-lifting it does for you. See the power of Hadoop on Windows Azure: management, integration with the Azure Storage and Amazon S3 Storage, interactive JavaScript console, possibility to spin tens of machines in less than minute and track the progress in real-time. Finally, I will demonstrate end-to-end integration with the Microsoft BI stack.

Speaker: Sergejos Barinovas - Sergejus is an Architect at Adform, focusing on Scalable Architecture, High-Performance Computing and Cloud Services. He is often speaker at various IT conferences, active community member, blogger (https://sergejus.blogas.lt), podcaster, Lithuanian .NET User Group lead and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Sergejus is a strong believer in agile architecture and agile++ practices.

Practical details

Event date: May 16, 2012 - 18:00 - 21:00
Catering: sandwiches

Event location:
The Oak3 Campus - Antwerp
Veldkant 39
2550 Kontich

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